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28 December
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"The heart has reasons that reason knows not of." ~Blaise Pascal

These are the chronicles of my life.
I won't get too personal, but then again, my definition of "too personal" may be different than yours. I like people who comment, and I return the favor. I like blogs that are intelligent and humorous; they inspire me.
I'm only 18. I'm only a freshman. And unlike so many well meaning do-gooders out there, I'm not out to "make a difference". I take life one day at a time. What good is worrying about tomorrow? Or worse, the past?

I believe in setting yourself up for success. This doesn't mean vain ambition, this means putting yourself in a position where you're least likely to screw up and make a fool of yourself. I take risks, I make myself vulnerable, but I always come out of everything having learned something about myself or humanity or God.

I believe in Jesus. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry. Not that I believe in Him, but that there is some reason that you dislike the fact that I'm a Christian.

I'm not perfect by any means. Noone is. I'm just trying to live according to God's plan.

I'm very sarcastic. I'm very optimistic. Those two qualities fit together quite well, don't you think?

Give me a chance, you might like me. I'll probably like you.